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Increase Your Family's Pleasure Reading With Edge Moments

I have been studying reading instruction and children's reading habits a lot lately. One trend that I have read about over and over in the past few weeks is that children enjoy reading less as they grow older. As children progress through their formal schooling it has been discovered that they read for pleasure less. These statistics make me so SAD. Many reasons have been given for this decrease in reading as children progress through school. Some people blame reading logs because they make reading a "chore". Some blame electronics and social media for taking our children's attention away from the printed word. Honestly, I don't know if we will ever really know what is causing this decrease

Asking Questions - Taking Reading to a WHOLE NOTHA LEVEL!

If you have been following the blog this month you might have noticed that I have been on a reading kick. All my posts this month have been centered around reading at home. Honestly, if you are reading with your child at home and encouraging them to read during their free moments you will more than likely see the benefits in their school work and personal development. So, if you are creating a rich reading environment for you child by reading at home-high five! The above gif is usually how high fives go for me and my under 7 tutoring crowd. If you just high fived, but you want to do more please keep reading. Today I want to talk just a bit about how you can take the reading that you are doin

Creating a Reading Home for Your Child

We have all heard it, reading at home is so very important for academic development. Research has been conducted for years, and this fact has become very clear. We read about it, hear about it from our children's teachers, and even see posts about it on Instagram from mommy bloggers. It usually stops at the facts- the more books your child reads, the better off they will be. Today I want to go past the facts that we all know and jump in to how to become a "reading home" for your child's academic benefit even if you are not a big reader yourself. You do not have to have a beauty and the beast library in your home to make sure your child has a rich reading life. You do not have to spend hours

What should we do when we visit the library?

This may be one of my favorite posts, because the library is one of my FAVORITE places. I love going to tutor at the library and being at arms reach of so many great books and resources. I often roam the library before and after tutoring sessions stacking up books to check out. I love exploring different topics through books from the library, knowing that the only thing that I invested in the book is the time I spent reading it. I always highly recommend frequent trips to the library to all my students and their families. Library trips help foster a deep love of reading and knowledge in children, no matter their reading level. I often get questions from parents and other caregivers about lib

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