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From Sloppy to Straight- Cleaning Up Math Work

It looked like the leaning tower of pisa made out of numbers. That's the only way I know how to describe the piece of schoolwork that my student slid across the table to me. The numbers of a multiplication problem were all slanted to the right and not aligned properly. The grade at the top of the paper was not desirable. I could see the frustration in my student's eyes and the weariness in her mother's. They both described it as "sloppy" work. As I looked further at the assignment, I could tell that this student knew her facts and had done the multiplication correctly. The problem arose when she added her lines of multiplication at the end. Since the numbers were "sloppy" and not aligned, sh

Helping Your Child Understand Fractions

What do you think when you hear the word "fraction"? A multitude of things might pop in to your mind..maybe pizza? For many students and parents fractions become a major stumbling block in math education. Fractions are one of the first semi-abstract concepts that students learn in school and can become frustrating fast! Fractions don't have to leave you or your child frustrated and confused forever. Helping your child understand the concept of fractions and what they physically look like can go a long way as they learn how to add, subtract, multiply, and divide fractions. Deeper knowledge of what fractions mean will help your child know how to handle fractions when they are presented with co

How to Learn From Any Homework Assignment

There has been a letter that a teacher sent to parents declaring that there would be not homework in her class this school year going around the internet. Many parents and teachers are praising this teacher for allowing her students to go home, be children, and enjoy family time. Wherever you stand on the issue of homework, it doesn't look like it will go away for most students...at least not anytime soon. Most would agree that homework is given to help students sharpen their academic skills and to reinforce what was learned in class. The fact is, all homework is not made equal. What is sent home at the end of the day can range from review math facts that were learned last year to complex lo

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