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At Hoffman Tutoring Group we love working with homeschool families. We understand homeschool students and families have unique needs, schedules, and concerns. Please see our answers to questions specific to homeschoolers below. If you don't see your question answered here, feel free to contact us.

Q: Do you have a set curriculum or will you work with ours?

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No, we do not have a set curriculum we use with our students. Your tutor can help your child work through the curriculum you've chosen, or assist in areas where your child is experiencing difficulty. If you don't have a set curriculum, your tutor can help your child strengthen their skills in areas they identify as weak. We always encourage that you communicate with your child's tutor about your child's learning goals, curriculum, and your concerns so that they can plan lessons that will be as effective and beneficial to your homeschooling plan as possible.

Q: how do i know how the tutor is presenting the material so that I can reinforce it at home?

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We're more than happy to record your child's sessions and email them to you upon request. You're also more than welcome to contact your child's tutor the discuss the teaching methods they're using and how you can reinforce lessons at home.

Q: do you provide tutoring during school hours?

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Yes, we provide tutoring during school hours. Tutoring hours may depend on your tutor's availability. If you have specific hours you would like to attend tutoring, please let us know during your consultation call.

Q: Are you a vendor with any California charter schools?

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Yes. We're currently a vendor with Inspire, Valliant, Sage Oak, and Summit. We're open to becoming a vendor for additional charter schools upon request.

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