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onlien tutoring testimonial - "great investment"

"Great investment..."

“My daughter was struggling in math and we were

lucky enough to find Zoie to tutor her. After

spending 1 hour a week within just a few weeks we

saw an improvement in her understanding and

grade. It was a great investment in both time and

money. Thank you Zoie, you're the best!! .”

-5th Grade Parent

online tutoring testimonial- "tremendous improvement"

"Tremendous improvement..."

My son was struggling badly in reading & his

handwriting was horrible... he started tutoring

-3rd Grade Parent

the week after school got out... his 2nd day of

school  his teacher said whatever it was we

did over the summer worked. His reading has

improved tremendously & his handwriting is 

1000 times better! I don't know what I would've

done if it wasn't for Mrs. Zoie!

online tutoring testimonial - "focus on meetin goals"

“I thought [Zoie’s] services provided were the 

best things about using her as our tutor: Open

"Focus on meeting goals..."

communication, willingness to change the style

of teaching to help on an individual basis, focus 

on meeting goals one step at a time.

-1st Grade Aunt

online tutoring testimonial - "always prepared"

“I enjoyed having Zoie as [my child's] tutor

during this summer break. I feel more confident

"Always prepared..."

that he is well prepared for the academic

environment of first grade. Zoie was always on

time and prepared to instruct my son. She also

taught him new and fun ways to approach

different concepts.”

-1st Grade Parent

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