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In a world and school system that wants students to fit a mold, we help each child break free and learn in a way that works for them through personalized online tutoring sessions.

About Zoie Hoffman | Tutoring Services

Our Story

In elementary school, I was a student who struggled in most subjects. Even then, a one-size-fits-all mainstream education system was unable to meet my academic needs. My well-meaning teachers and parents assumed I’d eventually catch up. During those years, I did not like school. I was frustrated, embarrassed, and felt ashamed of my inability to keep up with my peers. Homework and schoolwork took forever for me to complete. I felt like there was something wrong with me that I just wasn't able to fix. Later, after being encouraged by a few amazing and supportive teachers, I began to study how to better help myself learn. I realised that there was nothing wrong with me, and that I just learned a little differently than my peers. I began to love school after I realising I could learn in my own way. And, I decided to pursue a career in education to help other kids not experience the same frustration, shame, and anger. I set out to help students feel confident in their ability to learn and grow.


Fast forward to graduating magna cum laude from Texas A&M University with my elementary education degree. I was married to an active duty military member, and during the first few years, I was unable to stay in one place long enough to get a  classroom teaching position. I still wanted to help students, so in 2015 I started tutoring one-on-one in Pensacola, Florida. In my first few months, I quickly saw the unmet need for personalized learning. My students didn't fit into the typical mold. The way subjects were taught in the classroom didn't work for them. I began tailoring sessions to each student's needs and learning style, and they saw  academic improvements and an increase in confidence.

In 2017 I made my dreams of helping more students a reality by focusing on online tutoring. I continued to see great numbers of students who didn’t fit the mold in education and who needed more than what their school was offering. I wanted to help students find great tutors who worked well with their specific needs—even if that perfect tutor wasn’t me. In 2018 Zoie Hoffman Tutoring became Hoffman Tutoring Group and I began onboarding the best online tutors. It is important to me that our tutors are qualified teachers who understand the need for individualized instruction and relationship building. Teaching is an art, as well as a science. Because each student and tutor are unique, I don’t require my tutors to use pre-packaged lessons. Each tutor plans each session to help their student learn, whatever that looks like.  


As Hoffman Tutoring Group grows, the individual student is still our focus. Nothing is more important to me or my team than your child's education, confidence, and sense of self.



Zoie Hoffman- Online Tutor

Our Philosophy

Our Why


We know the frustration that a child and their family experience when the classroom curriculum isn't meeting a student’s needs. We cherish the fact that each student is unique. In a school system that wants students to fit one mold, we set out to help each child break free and learn in the way that works for them.

Our How



When you reach out, we will match your child with the tutor that is the best fits the student. Your tutor will plan sessions based on your child’s needs, personality, and learning style. Each child is different, so no two tutoring sessions will look the same. As your child grows and changes, so will their tutoring sessions.


Our Team of Tutors

Hoffman Tutoring Group's real magic lies in our team of magnificent online tutors who are hand picked by our founder. Each is carefully selected and vetted so that we will have a perfect match for your child. Click the button below to meet our wonderful tutors!



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