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Everyone has a favorite teacher, the teacher whose personality and expertise just meshes with the student. Or maybe you or your child have yet to meet that educator. We aim to match your child with a tutor they will love just as much as their favorite teacher (or be that first person who helps your child see learning as fun). Experience tells us that when we match based on personality and  learning style, your child not only gets the help they need to succeed in the short term, it also reignites an excitement for learning. We believe when a student is with the right tutor, and their academic needs are met, there will be overall improvement. This is often reflected in better grades and being better equipped to problem solve in a learning environment. The perfect tutor can make your unique child feel seen and understood in a way they may not in mainstream education. A quality tutoring relationship can be truly magical.

Give us a call at  208-996-0497 or schedule a good time for us to call you.

If you and your child like the tutor, you are ready to start online tutoring sessions. We recommend scheduling tutoring at least once a week to see and maintain steady progress.  Depending on your child’s starting point and academic goals, we may recommend online tutoring sessions more than once a week. Going forward, you’ll use your schedule and your tutor’s availability to choose tutoring sessions that work for everyone involved.

Step 1:

Consult Call

During your free 30 minute consult, we will ask you to tell us about your child, their needs, and their personality. We will listen attentively to what has been going on at school, and any concerns you have about your child’s education.

Step 2:

The Match

Step 3:

Trial Session

After being matched, we offer a free 30 minute trial session with your child’s tutor. You will receive a link to the tutor’s availability so you can schedule a time that works for your family’s schedule. This session is an opportunity for you and your child to meet their tutor, and to make sure the relationship is a good fit, all while getting a sense of how online tutoring works.

Step 4:

Weekly Tutoring

After your consult call, we will match your child with a tutor we believe fits their needs and personality. During the matching process, whether you’re looking for elementary tutoring or middle school tutoring, we not only consider the subject area in which your student needs assistance, but the personalities they are more likely to engage with. We will always be transparent about how the matching decision is made. You always have the final say when it comes to your child’s tutor. If you don’t like the match, we are more than happy to give you available alternative options.

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