"Works so well for our family!"

Online tutoring works so well for our family! It gives my daughter the support she needs without me having to pack up my other two very young children and keep them quiet for an entire session. They are allowed to go on with their morning without much interruption in our routine. 

- 4th grade parent

"He was like a different kid..."

My son is 11 years old and has always had the hardest time with reading... He was reading at a first-quarter kindergartener level, and wouldn't even try anymore because he felt so defeated. I tried everything I could, sign him up for a personal tutor, tried curriculum after curriculum, he just wasn't getting it. I decided to try Hoffman tutoring because he didn't want to travel all the time to meet his other tutor. Zoie asked us lots of questions to make sure she partnered us with a tutor that would a perfect fit. Right away I noticed a change in his attitude towards reading, he had this want and desire to try to read things. His reading scores improved on his testing, he was asking for less help with his school work. He was like a different kid, we still have a long way to go but I will forever be thankful for the tutor Zoie partnered us with. ... I can't wait to see how much more he improves this next year.

-Homeschool Mom

"Great improvements with grades!"

It’s been very nice to have [our tutor] and have seen great improvements with [our daughter's grades! We look forward to keeping working with her and continue all the learning that’s needed to succeed.

- 4th grade parent

"can't say enough good things..."

We wanted to get ahead of the game with math this year! [my daughter] struggled some with math last year and we can't say enough good things about her first session!

-3rd Grade Parent


We enjoy several things about online tutoring.  Our number 1 thing is convenience.   We love that we do not have to try to load up and get out the door in time to meet someone. We love that we can do it in the comfort of our own home, with less distractions than what we would have in a public setting.

-1st Grade Parent

"Tremendous improvement..."

My son was struggling badly in reading & his handwriting was horrible... he started tutoring the week after school got out... his 2nd day of school his teacher said whatever it was we did over the summer worked. His reading has improved tremendously & his handwriting is 1000 times better! I don't know what I would've

done if it wasn't for Mrs. Zoie!

-3rd Grade Parent