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Goal Setting Worksheet

Summer Math challenge

Help your child reach new heights this school year through goal setting. This digital download includes a two-page workbook for student goal setting along with a parent guide. Click "Buy Now" to purchase.


The solution to boring summer math practice. All activities in this challenge promote math practice and learning in low-stakes experiences (no paper involved). Many of the activity suggestions are split into easy, intermediate, and challenge for students of different age groups and abilities.

growth mindset guide for parents

Summer Learning Bingo

GM Thumbnail.png

Short growth mindset guide for parents with easily implemented action items. If you're new to growth mindset and would like to help your child foster a more healthy mindset around mistakes and learning this is the resource for you. Click "buy now" to check it out.

Keep your child learning all summer long with this FREE summer learning bingo printable. The bingo squares promote learning in math, science, reading and writing and are great cures for the "boredom bug" that often visits during the summer months. Click "Get Now" for your free copy!

slime science packet

new slime cover.png

One of our most popular products. This packet gives you an opportunity to get your child interested in science using slime. Make slime and use the included additional information and recipes! Click "buy now" to check it out.

Make Homework Less Stressful

Does homework drag on in your house? Looking to reset your routine? I made this FREE PDF just for you! Click "Get Now" for 10 simple ways to reduce homework stress. 

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