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Resources Preferred  by Zoie Hoffman


Helpful Websites

Khan Academy - Great videos explaining a wide variety of math concepts. 

Numbernut - Explanations of math concepts plus activities.


ABCYa Math Games - Ability to select grade level and subject for a list of age and subject appropriate games.

NCTM Illuminations Interactives - Tons of interactive simulations and games that cover a wide range of topics and grade levels. 

Funbrain Math Arcade - List of fun math games that cover a variety of concepts.

Virtual Manipulatives

Virtual Fraction Tiles - Online visual for fractions, decimals and percentages. Great for building an understanding of fractions.

Virtual 100 Chart - Helpful for exploring number relationships. 

Math Learning Center Apps - A great bank of online apps and manipulatives. My favorites are the ten frame, geoboard and number rack.


Helpful Websites

Starfall - Great website for beginning readers. The website has virtual books and instructional games that help children learn phonics rules. 

Readtheory - This site has reading passages with questions to help students practice their test taking and comprehension skills. 


ABCYa Letter Games - Games for each grade level that address reading, spelling and other english concepts.

Letter Tiles

Whizzimo Letter Tiles - This site has a free demo mode that allows you to use tons of letter tiles. These tiles are great for interactive spelling and reading practice.

Online Books

Storyline Online - Website where actors and actresses read their favorite books out loud.

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