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Online Tutoring Services Offered by Zoie Hoffman

Online Tutoring

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Why online tutoring? 

Online tutoring is a great option for busy families. Your child can receive instruction at home, cutting down on commute time and freeing you up as they receive the help they need! All our sessions are planned to meet your child's unique learning needs. With all the available tools online, your child's tutoring session will always be infused with engaging learning materials.

Who is it for?

Online tutoring is available for grades K-6th in the following subjects:

​                  Reading                              Math

                       Writing                               Study Skills         

Online Tutoring Requirements
  • A computer or laptop with high speed internet connection and a mouse must be available for student use.

  • Student must have basic computer and typing skills.

  • Computer must be able to download the Zoom program, so that we can connect and work online.

  • A functioning microphone and camera is needed so that we may connect.

Online Tutoring Requirements
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Schedule a FREE Consult Call!

Interested in online tutoring? Schedule a free consult call to discuss your child's specific needs and to get set up with a free 30-minute trial session with one of our qualified tutors.

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