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Get Ahead With Online Summer Tutoring

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Make next school year the best one yet with this stress-free tutoring option.
Who is it for? 
How does it work? 

Online summer tutoring with Zoie Hoffman Tutoring is for students entering K-6th grade who need help or enrichment in reading, writing, or math.

We use a video chat and screen sharing platform called Zoom for all online sessions. It downloads quickly and is super easy to use. Summer sessions are scheduled with your tutor for the same day and time each week. 

Why online summer tutoring?

  • Summer tutoring can help you get ahead of the stress and anxiety you felt around your child’s schooling last year. Your child's tutor will provide personalized sessions to help fill in your child’s gaps and prepare them for next school year.

  • Online tutoring can be done from anywhere with a wifi signal making it the perfect option for families who will take summer trips or who enjoy staying in the comfort of their own home.

  • Summer tutoring helps your child keep up with what they worked hard to learn last school year so that they don’t have to spend precious time reviewing it in the coming school year.

What does it cost?

Pay as You Go



per 1-hour weekly tutoring session

The Vacationer

package of 7 tutoring sessions


($42.72/ session)

Whole Summer


($39.90/ session)

package of 10 tutoring sessions

Sign up today!
Schedule a free call with Zoie using the calendar below. After your chat, Zoie will set you up with a free thirty-minute trial session with your tutor!

"My son was struggling badly in reading & his handwriting was horrible... he started tutoring the week after school got out for the summer & went every Wednesday until school started back... his 2nd day of school his teachers told me that whatever it was we did with him over the summer worked because his reading has improved tremendously & his handwriting is 1000 times better!!!" - 3rd Grade Mom

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