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Summer learning loss is a real thing...and no one wants their child to lose their hard-earned knowledge over the summer. Most local libraries have jumped on this problem by hosting summer reading challenges. Reading daily is an AMAZING way to combat summer slip and make sure your child develops as a lifelong learner...BUT what about the other part of the puzzle...math


Your child didn’t just work hard on reading and language arts during the school year, they busted it to improve their math skills too. You probably busted it to help them! Even though we’re all well aware of the summer slip dilemma of losing the skills you don’t use, there aren’t normally fun challenges to help kids and parents incorporate math into their daily summer routine. 


That’s why Hoffman Tutoring Group created the summer math challenge! We formatted this challenge in the way that library reading challenges are often conducted. No boring worksheets or drills (we don’t believe in those anyway). We know you’re a busy parent, so we took the work out of it for you. Just print one document, do the challenge with your child, and submit a form for their prize when it’s completed. No need to come up with ideas on how to sneak math into your child’s day without them complaining about it- we’ve done all that work for you!

Let's Do it!

Who is the challenge for?


Students entering K-8th grade in the US and Canada.

Where is the challenge located?

Wherever you are! You can submit the completion form when you’re done to claim your child’s prize.

How to participate:

  1. Download the challenge documents and coloring sheet by clicking here.

  2. Print off the sheet and allow your child to color one shape per challenge they complete.

  3. Read the rules and regulations on your challenge document

  4. When all the shapes are colored, fill out the completion form and upload a picture of the coloring sheet to claim your prize by 11:59pm EST on July 31st 2021.

  5. Rejoice! Your child worked toward keeping their learning over the summer.

  6. Bonus: Follow us on Instagram and Facebook so you don't miss any      opportunities for extra prizes​


My child hates math...will this stress me out? 


Nope! Most of the activities on the list are very low pressure and may be things you’re already doing (think board games and baking)


We don’t have a lot of time. Will this work for us? 


YES! You can choose the activities that fit into your day. There are plenty to pick from.


I have multiple kids. Can they each have a prize? 


Yes they can. Just submit a form and picture for each child.


Will I be signed up for an email list or something if I want to participate? 


Nope! There are no barriers to downloading the challenge. You will have the opportunity to subscribe to our email list when you submit the form at the end of the challenge, but only if you WANT to be notified when we have fun or important things to tell you about.


I think my child needs more math help this summer than what I can give them. Can you help?


Absolutely. Click this link to schedule a free consultation call so that we can chat about how Hoffman Tutoring Group can help your child get what they need this summer.

Have questions?

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