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Easy nutrition for back to school with Heather Campbell

The following content was pulled from a video interview with Heather Campbell of Glory Nutrition. See the end of the article for her credentials and business information.

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What should be focused on to give our kids the most nutritious food as we head back to school?


  • Keep in mind that priorities will change by season

  • Try to get in the big main things...make sure they're getting protein, make sure they're getting fruits and veggies.

  • “The biggest thing that I say is definitely know how to choose your battles with your kids knowing when to do different types of foods, and to really focus on the relationship at mealtime.

  • “And you want to give your children the autonomy, the decision-making ability to decide what they're going to eat. So our job as parents as caregivers is to decide what's available and when it's their job to decide if they're going to eat it.”

How do Food and Nutrition affect the brain and learning?

Heather: “If you don't take care of your body, it's going to be difficult to function. So nutrition plays into that because you have to think of nutrition as the fuel for the machine. So if you think about your body, say like a car...your car has a gas tank you're not going to let it get down to fumes and then end up on the side of the road broken down like oh my gosh, I have no idea why this happened. I bet there's something wrong with my you ran out of fuel and your machine shut down. So the same thing happens with our bodies. You have to consistently give it the appropriate fuel. If you have an unleaded gas tank, do not put diesel in there, it is a really, really bad idea.”

So you have to be giving your machine, your body, the proper fuel:

  • protein

  • color, fruits, vegetables, (sprinkles, don't count).

  • good sources of fiber

  • good sources of healthy fats.

I would say with each meal, hit three out of those four on any given meal or snack, and that's going to give you that sustainable energy to get through the day.”

When it comes to nutrition for back to school, is breakfast really that important?

Heather: “Breakfast is important, but that doesn't mean that it has to be big. So it can be something as simple English muffin with some peanut butter and some fruit jam over the top, you know, a whole-wheat English muffin, it doesn't have to be big. But I still go back to the same foundations protein, color, fiber, healthy fat, if we're getting in two to three of those in each meal, then I know that they're going to make it through a good portion of their day with the building blocks, they need to continue growing to have energy and continue to function in their brain.”

How do we deal with decision fatigue when it comes to breakfast choices?

Heather: “In my Facebook group smarter, not harder. That's what I do. I teach busy families how to work smarter, not harder. Let's not make this more difficult. Let's simplify as much as possible so that we can save our brain space for more important things which, as busy families, there's no shortage of things that are taking our brain space. So let's take some of those off the plate. Let's automate some of those decisions. Make it easier, so then you can move on with your day. So yeah, if you have two or three things that work and those school mornings, those work mornings, those are what you do. We save our big breakfast for the weekend. But the other days, just keeping it as automatic as possible so that you can work smarter, not harder and save your brain space for more important things.”