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The Easy Guide to Avoiding Plagiarism With Danielle Holmes

Your middle schooler or high schooler is now writing papers for classes. The idea of filing full pages of white space can be intimidating, challenging, and overwhelming. While some students may lean on a peer, teacher, tutor, or parent for help, other overwhelmed students may choose what they see as an easier route: buying a paper online, paying a friend to write, or copy+pasting content from an online article or Wikipedia entry. And if they get caught, all of these methods will be labeled as cheating and plagiarism. Unfortunately, teachers who don’t teach basic ways to attribute quotes or ideas may lead to students being accused of plagiarism when they don’t know how to give credit where cr

How Do I Know When My Child Needs a Tutor?

Homework is becoming a struggle, test grades are low, and you’re worried things might be getting out of hand. Is your child struggling or are they just being a kid? Is this something that can be fixed at home or school, or do you need outside help? How do I know when my child needs a tutor? This is the number one question parents come to us with. The truth is, sometimes it’s hard to know. All students present their struggles differently, and all schools are different when it comes to the help they provide during and after school. We do often see students who need additional help present with some of the same signs. If you’re wondering if your child needs a tutor, here are three signs we sugg

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