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Growth Mindset Guide

Growth mindset is the new buzz in parenting and education. We hear a lot about its importance, but not as much about how to help kids develop it. If you're aware of growth mindset and its benefits, but are unsure how to help your child develop it, you've make it to the right place! Helping your child become more focused on growth and less focused on achievement and grades doesn't have to be difficult or time consuming. The best lessons are through everyday experiences and conversations. Check out this FREE Growth Mindset Guide written just for you. Download for a brief description of the growth mindset plus a list of quick and actionable tips for helping your child develop it. The best part?

5 Unconventional Ways to Help Your Child Get Better Grades

We all want to pull out that report card or log into the school site and see lots of good grades staring back at us. We want to see that our child is succeeding and understanding the material in their classes (and turning in their homework). Though at times low grades indicate that your child needs extra academic support, and may need to fill some gaps, sometimes a few tweaks can help get that grade back up to where it should be. At Hoffman Tutoring Group, we tend not to focus on grades very often. We instead focus on academic growth, filling gaps, student mindset, and self advocacy. Surprisingly, we often see our students' grades rise after we help them make a few adjustments in these areas

Turn This School Year Around

The first quarter is over. Is the school year going how you had hoped? Are you feeling stressed, overwhelmed, or helpless when it comes to your child's education? We promise you're not alone. Many parents are feeling just like you- wishing that they could go back in time and start the school year over again. Although you can't go back in time, it's not too late to turn this school year around! You have plenty of time to make this year go smoothly and help your child finish strong. Not sure where to start? We've created something to help you along. Our School Year Turnaround email sequence is a series of 5 emails that will give you easy and actionable tips for improving your child's school ye

Our New Referral Program

With our new name, we're rolling out a new referral program to properly thank those who take the time to refer students to our highly qualified and passionate tutors. Read the information below to get the full scoop on how the referral program works: Here at Hoffman Tutoring Group we LOVE referrals! We’re grateful that you think of us when you hear of someone who needs an excellent tutor for their child. We appreciate the time and effort it takes you to relay the information. Because of this, we want to make sure to properly thank you! This month we are rolling out a new referral system to show you the appreciation you deserve. How does it work? When you refer someone to Hoffman Tutoring Gro

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