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Our New Referral Program

With our new name, we're rolling out a new referral program to properly thank those who take the time to refer students to our highly qualified and passionate tutors. Read the information below to get the full scoop on how the referral program works:

Hoffman Tutoring Group Referral Program

Here at Hoffman Tutoring Group we LOVE referrals!

We’re grateful that you think of us when you hear of someone who needs an excellent tutor for their child. We appreciate the time and effort it takes you to relay the information. Because of this, we want to make sure to properly thank you!

This month we are rolling out a new referral system to show you the appreciation you deserve.

How does it work?

  1. When you refer someone to Hoffman Tutoring Group encourage them to put your first and last name in the “How did you hear about Hoffman Tutoring Group?” section on their consult form or their new student form.

  2. If your first and last name is entered in a student’s form, you will receive a thank you gift after they purchase ANY package of sessions.

What are the thank you gifts?

  • Families who currently have a student enrolled with HTG will receive one FREE tutoring session ($45 value).

  • For those without a student currently enrolled with HTG, you will receive a $20 Amazon gift card.

We hope that this small gesture will help relay our gratitude to those who support us. If you have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to reach out!

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