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Summer Learning Bingo Printable

It's finally summer! Swimming, ice cream, and outdoor fun are here and school has gone to the back of all our minds. I don't know about you, but I am so grateful for the lazy days of summer. Yes, I am still seeing just as many students, if not more, but there's something about a summer evening that just moves slower.

Everyone needs a break now and then, especially kids! Some people think that we should do away with summer break and have all-year school...I tend to be in the camp that thinks we should keep summer alive. Kids need a little time to cut loose and be a kid without having to worry about homework and projects. Summer gives kids time to be kids!

That being said, some pretty scary stuff can happen to your child's knowledge over the summer. Some students lose up to two months of instruction during the summer months. That is a lot of content that your child worked hard to gain over the summer! We call this the summer slide, and it happens every summer to TONS of kiddos. Some teachers report having to do review work for four or more weeks at the beginning of the school year to get students up to speed.

Before you panic, there is an easy way to ward off the summer slip. All you have to do is make sure your child is learning in one way or another all summer long.

"But wait Zoie! I thought you just said kids need a break?"

You heard me correctly, kids do need a break- especially from the rigid structure of school, but they can still learn while they are on summer vacation without the pressure they feel during the school year. Learning can happen in many different forms while never touching a worksheet or flashcard. Your child can explore something they are interested in, create, travel, and play all while learning a lot!

With a little intentional planning regarding how your child will keep learning this summer, you can prevent the summer slip without them ever knowing it.

To help you kick off your summer with some super fun learning activities, I have created a summer learning bingo card just for you! You can post the card on your fridge or in your child's room and encourage them to cross off a square every day or every week. The squares target reading, writing, math and science and are definitely not "school activities".

What is your favorite learning activity to do with your child over summer break? I would love to hear from you in the comments!

Happy Learning!



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