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The Story Behind Our Name Change

You may have noticed that recently Zoie Hoffman Tutoring has become Hoffman Tutoring Group. This new name has been a big change, and I want you to hear directly from me, Zoie, why we decided to make the shift. Though we have a new name, and will soon have a new website, I want you to know that our core values of making sure your child gets the personalized education they need has not changed. I started Zoie Hoffman Tutoring in 2015 with the intention of helping students. In my elementary years I struggled academically, and often didn't get the instruction or attention I needed in the classroom. This is what drew me to pursue a degree in education. I knew that there were kids out there like m

Do These 5 Things For a Better School Year

We've all had a no good very bad school year. For me that year was 3rd grade. It was so bad that I blocked it out of my memory until I recently tutored a student having their very own nightmare 3rd grade year. 3rd grade is a commonly traumatic year in elementary school. When I was in school, that was the year we were expected to memorize multiplication tables, learn about fractions, learn (and solely write in) cursive, and perform the universally dreaded long division. With all this academic content came a truck load of homework that would often take me hours to finish. I often felt like I had homework piled so high I couldn't see over it. Add this to social and personal difficulties and it

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