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Handle Parent Teacher Conferences Like a Pro

You’re sitting out in the hallway, on a hard third-grader sized chair, waiting. Crossing and uncrossing your legs, scrolling through Facebook, waiting. A million questions are running through your brain. How are grades? What about behavior? And friends? Finally, it’s your turn to talk to the teacher for 10 to 20 minutes. And your mind is blank. Nothing. You have no clue what to say. The second you walk away, you know all your questions and concerns will come flooding back. But you’re out of time. This year, plan ahead for parent-teacher conferences and skip the tongue-tie! 1. Write Everything Down At home, before the parent-teacher conference, make a list of everything that you are concerned

Cracking the Code of "Education Lingo"

"I go into these meetings and I have no idea what they are saying!" "The teacher uses words that I've never heard before." "How do they expect me to know what they're talking about?" This is just a sampling of the frustrations that parents have expressed to me. Have you ever gone into your child's school and felt like the teachers and staff were speaking a foreign language? If so, you're definitely not alone. Like many other professions, educators have their own "lingo" that they use to discuss their work. They often pick up on these words and phrases through their years of training and in the classroom. Teachers can sometimes become so comfortable with this language that they forget those w

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