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Educational Holiday Gift Guide For Kids 2021

I can never figure out what to get my nieces for their birthdays or Christmas. Buying for kids who aren’t in the same age range as yours can be HARD! When choosing a gift for kids in my life, I have two criteria. I want it to be educational and fun. For birthdays we solved this problem by deciding to give our nieces cash. This checks both the boxes because money is always fun, and having cash to spend helps kids learn and build money skills. But that still leaves Christmas...the biggest kid gift-giving holiday of the year.

This holiday season I went on a mission to find the best education-based gifts for kids so that I could find the perfect gift to give my nieces. And I found WAY more than I could ever buy them. So...I decided to share with the class. Read on for the best educational gifts for kids this Christmas.

Building and sensory toys - You’re never too old to play with blocks! Building and sensory toys give kids experiences with physics, math, and logic. You can’t lose when buying these building learning toys for the kids on your list:

Board and card games - Virtually ANY board or card game is packed with learning opportunities for all ages. Kids who are working on counting and sequencing get lots of practice when playing offline games. Kids who are working on more advanced skills get to practice strategy, emotional regulation, and so much more. Here are some of our favorite learning games to buy your kids for christmas:

Crafts - Crafting is a great opportunity for kids to learn while being creative. Almost all crafts help kids strengthen their fine motor skills, learn about geometry, and explore color and hue.

Science experiments and kits The kids on your list might catch on that science experiments and kits are aimed at learning...but not too many kids can resist a good experiment! Check out these cool kits to gift every kid on your list.

Puzzles - Puzzles are a great way to pass the time in the winter months when it’s hard to get outside. Check out these puzzle gifts for the kids on your holiday list:

Books and magazines- Everyone needs a new book or magazine for the slow days between the christmas holiday and new years day. Check out these tried and true favorites to put in stockings or under the tree.


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