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5 Signs an Online Tutor is Right for Your Child

Technology is advancing at breakneck speeds. Sometimes I think back to the cell phone I had five years ago compared to the one I own now... holy moly it is so much more advanced! Five years ago I wouldn't have even guessed something like it existed (or virtual reality glasses...what?!?).

There are many scary aspects to technology, and sometimes just the act of learning and changing with technology can be exhausting and hard. As much as it sometimes exhausts us, technology also has the ability to make our lives so much easier and less exhausting! We can communicate with anyone instantly whenever we would like, streamline our work, and in some cases turn whole jobs over to a computer.

So what does this have to do with your child's education?

Now, easier than ever, your child can access online tutoring from the comfort of their own home. Not only does this contribute to the comfort of the child, but the parent is freed up since they do not have to drive to and from tutoring sessions...along with ballet lessons, soccer, school clubs, doctors visits....I see you mommy/daddy taxi!

online tutoring

Just like anything else, online tutoring isn't for everyone. That being said, it can be a perfect fit for some students and families. If you have been considering utilizing an online tutor for your child, check out these five signs an online tutor might be a right fit for your family.

1. You have a computer.

I know this seems obvious, but some families choose not to have a computer in the home. A lot of families use tablets and phones to access the internet instead of having a laptop or desktop. Though a tablet or phone can be used for parts of online tutoring, they are not the best for all aspects of online tutoring. If you have a desktop or laptop your child will be able to easily access their online tutor, see them, and work in many windows at once.

2. You live a busy lifestyle.

Online tutoring is a great option for busy families. Instead of driving your child to their tutor along with all their other events, lessons, and activities, the tutor comes to your home computer. While your child attends their tutoring session and gets the help they need you can use your time to do something you need or want to do!

3. Your child is engaged by technology.

Technology adds an extra special element to online tutoring. Along with video conferencing, and writing on an online whiteboard, your child can also play online games and use online manipulatives with their tutor. The possibilities are limitless for the experience the tutor can create for your child because of the infinite amount of virtual resources there are.

4. You're looking for something different.

Maybe you have tried the traditional form of tutoring but it didn't dazzle you. Online tutoring takes the traditional tutor and pupil session to a whole new level. The resources and forms of interaction are limitless in the online setting. The tutor won't be lacking any material that your child might need for that session and can create unique and extremely engaging sessions for your modern child.

5. You and your child like trying new things.

It is often said that you should do something new and different every day. The new and different pushes you to grow as a person. Your child will experience many forms of digital learning in their formal and informal education. You can help them grow and learn in order to meet those challenges by opting for online tutoring.

As a tutor that works with students both online and in-person, I see the merits in both types of sessions. Some students respond better to in-person tutoring, while others thrive in the online setting. When trying to decide what type of session would be most beneficial for your child consider the list above and speak with their teachers and tutor. You may also visit my online tutoring page for more info about my services. I am always available to weigh the pros and cons with you!

Happy online learning!


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