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How to Show Teacher Appreciation While Social Distancing

Teacher appreciation day is Tuesday, May 5th...and things will likely look a bit different this year. No donuts or catered lunch for the staff. No school assembly. No hand delivering gifts and flowers to classrooms. No hugs. With our students and teachers conducting school from home due to social distancing requirements, it can be difficult to figure out how to show your child’s teacher(s) the gratitude you feel for them. We can’t let this socially distanced teacher appreciation go by without letting teachers know we care! Many educators are working even harder during this pandemic to ensure their students get a quality education at home. Our teachers deserve even more love and appreciation

Tools to Help Your Pre-teen Stay Organized During Quarantine Schooling

Overnight, in-person schools across the country were canceled and pre-teens everywhere were suddenly expected to manage a full course load of online learning with zero practice doing so. This sudden shift may leave you feeling like your child’s taskmaster or manager all while trying to get your own work done and trying to stay somewhat sane. It’s enough to drive any parent up the wall! Pre-teens naturally struggle with time management and organization. It’s a skill that they’re still working on and it takes LOTS of practice. Unfortunately (or fortunately), this pandemic is giving students everywhere endless opportunities to flex these muscles. This may also mean that you’re experiencing endl

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