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How to Show Teacher Appreciation While Social Distancing

Teacher appreciation day is Tuesday, May 5th...and things will likely look a bit different this year. No donuts or catered lunch for the staff. No school assembly. No hand delivering gifts and flowers to classrooms. No hugs. With our students and teachers conducting school from home due to social distancing requirements, it can be difficult to figure out how to show your child’s teacher(s) the gratitude you feel for them. We can’t let this socially distanced teacher appreciation go by without letting teachers know we care! Many educators are working even harder during this pandemic to ensure their students get a quality education at home. Our teachers deserve even more love and appreciation as they continue to educate students through quarantine. Looking for ideas? Check out our favorite ways to show socially distanced gratitude:

Teacher Appreciation While Social Distancing

Send a gift card via email

Most establishments offer a way for you to send a gift card digitally...all you need to know is the recipient’s email address. If you know the teacher’s favorite coffee shop, restaurant, or retail store you can pamper them from afar with some money to spend on themselves. Be sure to let your child’s teacher know that you’re sending them something special via email in case they need to check their spam folder!

Send thank you cards, letters, and emails

Every time we chat with teachers about what they love getting for holidays and teacher appreciation, the top answer is always heartfelt notes. Just because your child can’t hand a drawing, letter, or card to their teacher in-person doesn’t mean you have to skip this well loved gift. Your family can still write your love and gratitude to send the teacher’s way. If you know the teacher’s address, you can mail these to her directly. If you don’t know of a good mailing address, you can always type or scan the notes to send via email. Bonus points? Have your elementary school student include some artwork!

Have your child make a video

Classroom teachers are missing their classes and classrooms terribly. Many teachers didn’t even get to say goodbye before schools were let out indefinitely. Have your child make a short video telling their teacher how much they love, appreciate, and miss them. We can guarantee it will put a smile on her face!

Yard signs or decorations

If you know where your child’s teacher lives, and want to make sure the whole neighborhood knows how much you appreciate her, yard signs are a fun way to show you care. Many companies offer festive signs, balloons, and other yard decor you can pay to be placed in the teacher’s yard. When your favorite educator wakes up in the morning, they will be very surprised to see what’s waiting for them outside!

Get goodies delivered

There’s nothing better than opening your door to see that you’ve had surprise sweet or savory treats delivered. If you know the teacher’s address, surprising them with something good to eat can be the perfect way to brighten their day and make them feel appreciated. Just be sure you’re aware of any allergies or food restrictions they might have and that you’re sending the treats from a reputable source.

Volunteer time post-COVID

Your child’s teacher may have a TON to catch up on when they’re finally let back into their classroom. Offer to volunteer time over the summer or at the beginning of next year to help them with anything they need as they get back into the groove.

Tell others about your appreciation

Take your socially distanced teacher appreciation a step further by letting the principal or school administration know what you enjoyed about your child being in a teacher’s class. If your teacher has been going above and beyond to help their students have a positive learning experience during quarantine be sure to not keep it to yourself! Often parents and family members only speak with the administration when they’re unhappy about something at school. It’s a nice change of pace when they receive positive feedback. Plus, your kind words could help the teacher with a future promotion or award.

What have you decided to do for this socially distanced teacher appreciation? We would love to hear below!

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