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Happy Crossword Puzzle Day!

Today is Crossword Puzzle Day! I love using crosswords to stretch my brain and strengthen my vocabulary. I thought today would be the perfect day to create a crossword all about Zoie Hoffman Tutoring. Click the link below to download the custom crossword. Keep scrolling to see the solutions! Click here to download the crossword puzzle! Keep scrolling for the solution. Here it is! I used this site to create this crossword for free. Creating crosswords is a great way for students to practice vocabulary, spelling and so much more. I hope you enjoyed this puzzle! Happy Solving! Zoie

Fighting Math Anxiety

The good news is, math mentality can be turned around. Students can teach themselves to be comfortable with math. Check out these three sugg

Halloween Candy Math

One year for halloween, I dressed up as a sandwich. Yes you read that right. I was a bologna sandwich if we want to get really technical. To this day I'm not really sure who came up with the idea for me to be a sandwich...I'm almost certain it was my mischievous mother or father. For my father and me Halloween wasn't just a holiday, it was a sport. We measured score in buckets of candy. I have a sneaking suspicion my parents chose the costume for shock factor, knowing it would yield good results. My amazing mother always made my costumes, so this particular year she crafted a sandwich costume that was pretty realistic. I looked so sandwhichy. I got SO MUCH CANDY. Apparently when you dress up

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