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The Story Behind Our Name Change

You may have noticed that recently Zoie Hoffman Tutoring has become Hoffman Tutoring Group. This new name has been a big change, and I want you to hear directly from me, Zoie, why we decided to make the shift. Though we have a new name, and will soon have a new website, I want you to know that our core values of making sure your child gets the personalized education they need has not changed.

I started Zoie Hoffman Tutoring in 2015 with the intention of helping students. In my elementary years I struggled academically, and often didn't get the instruction or attention I needed in the classroom. This is what drew me to pursue a degree in education. I knew that there were kids out there like me that where not getting what they needed, and I wanted to provide after school tutoring to help them get more personalized instruction. Over the next three years, I dedicated myself to honing my craft as an educator in order to better serve my students. I fell in love with my job over and over again as I walked with my students through their struggles and triumphs. There is nothing like crying for a student who is having a traumatic education experience, and there is nothing like crying for joy when that student experiences a success.

As I grew as a tutor, I began to contemplate the personalized instruction that I was providing. It became apparent that I did not have enough hours in my day to help every student who needed the care of a tutor who was dedicated to relationship and personalized instruction. I wanted desperately to take on more students, but I could only tutor so many hours while maintaining the high attention, care, and communication that my students and their families deserved. I did not want to water down the services that my students got from me, or my company, by overloading my schedule.

I also began to realize that students work well with tutors who have personalities, viewpoints, experiences, and teaching styles that match their specific needs. When speaking with parents during a free consultation about what works best for their child, and past education experiences, I could identify the type of tutor they needed to work with in order to see improvements, and that tutor wasn't always me.

I wanted to connect students who needed personalized sessions to tutors who would be able to meet their learning, emotional, and mindset needs. This is where the idea for Hoffman Tutoring Group was born.

In fall 2017 I started to dream of a group of tutors that held the values of personalized education and relationship close to their heart. This group that I envisioned could meet a wide range of student needs, and had varying personalities. I dreamed of consulting with a parent about their child's specific needs, and being able to match them with the perfect tutor. I wanted to save parents the struggle of finding the right educator to help their child succeed in the classroom by gathering online tutors that I trusted, and had thoroughly vetted.

I began the process of creating procedures for finding, vetting, and bringing on tutors that I would feel comfortable matching students with. When it was time to put these procedures into practice, I made sure I was only bringing the best tutors I could find into my tutoring group.

In 2018, Zoie Hoffman Tutoring is no longer just me. I'm beginning to find tutors to bring onto my team to help students get what they need. It became apparent to me that it is no longer appropriate for the name of the company to contain my full name. Though I am still the main contact for the business, and I have a hand in selecting all tutors and matching them with students, I wanted to focus of the business to be on our group of amazing educators and what they can do for your child.

I have big dreams for Hoffman Tutoring Group and the students that we serve. Over the next few months you will see more changes in our social media feeds. We will also be re-vamping our website to make it more user friendly and visually appealing.

If you have any suggestions on how we can better serve students and parents during this transition, we would love to hear from you. We are always looking for ways to improve!



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