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Math Puzzle Mania

Can I share with you something that I have been itching to scream from the rooftops? Math doesn't have to be boring!! There. I said it. I have been thinking a lot lately about my personal view of mathematics as well as the view that my students bring in to tutoring sessions. Growing up, I always believed that I was not good at math because I couldn't remember all the rules. Many of my math students come to tutoring thinking that math is their weak subject. From what they are seeing in class with test-prep worksheets and then the tests and state tests..I kind of can't blame them. I am not in any way saying that their teachers are doing a poor job, I'm just saying our system pushes a lot of te

Summer Break- How to Keep the Learning Going

Summer is coming up fast! If you are anything like me, you are getting pumped up for all the fun festivals, swimming, beach time and vacations. Summer is hands down my favorite time of year (sorry winter lovers!) summer is simply the BEST. Of course summer also means that the kiddos will be out for summer break. Hurray! Students work their brains very hard during the school year, and they deserve some time off during the summer to rest and have fun. This being said, too much rest during summer break can result in a rude awakening once school fires back up in the fall. Here's something we don't discuss too often when talking about summer break- kids can lose some of the knowledge that they ga

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