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My Favorite Math Websites for K-5

Sometimes what a child needs after learning a math concept is practice, practice, and more practice. Flash cards or worksheets can become dull and can be time consuming for parents. Websites can be a great place for students to practice while having fun and being engaged in technology.

With all the site options in your search engine, sometimes it is hard to choose which site to use. I have put together a list of my five favorite math sites to help in your decision. I tried to catch a range of both informational websites as well as sites with lots of fun games. I hope that this list helps you find the right website for your child to use!

My Five Favorites

ABCYa has great math games that help build concept knowledge. The cute games are great learning tools for students as they are learning and exploring a new math concept. The picture directly above has students drop cute little Fuzz Bugs in to tubes to demonstrate graphing.

ABCYa also has really cool online math manipulatives for students to explore. This is a very economical way to have the manipulatives your child uses in their math classroom at home to help with homework. I also encourage my students to play with the math manipulatives in person or online to help them build a better understanding of math concepts.

This site has a lot to offer students who are memorizing multiplication facts. has self graded fact quizes with options to print a PDF of quiz, answers and flash cards of missed facts. The site also has really fun games to help students practice their facts as well as their speed. If your child is memorizing their multiplication facts I would definitely recommend checking it out!

Numbernut has explanations of math concepts along with illustrations. The explanations are great for students who like to read to find out information or for parents brushing up on the concepts their child is learning.

The site also has activities and quizzes to support the conecpts it covers. Most activities are quizzes or quiz like giving students an opportunity to monitor how well they understand a concept.

Khan Academy has great videos explaining basic math concepts all the way up to Trigonometry and Calculus. The menus and search bars make it very easy to find your child's grade and the concept they need help with.

The site also has quizzes at the end of videos that help students assess how well they understand the concept. If the quiz taker gets stuck on a problem, a video is also suggested to help them learn more about the concept.

Funbrain has fun arcade filled with math games with great graphics. The games are a great way to practice math facts as well as speed!

Bonus- funbrain also has literacy games!

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