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Sight Word Sets Freebie

Sight words are fun to practice when you have the right tools. Sight word cards can also be time consuming to create- so I have gone and done the work for you!

I have created sets of the Dolch sight word lists. The lists contain words that are helpful for early readers to have memorized - most being hard to sound out. Each list is grade specific, but don't let that keep you from using the list you feel your child would most benefit from. If you are looking for some guidance or have questions about sight words check out my Sight Word FAQ post.

The sets contain each word twice to make playing games like memory and go fish easier. The cards are also small for little hands. I laminated mine for longevity and to make them easier to manipulate.

Click below to get your card sets!

I hope that you have lots of fun with these sets! Stay tuned for a lineup of fun ways to use these cards.

Happy Learning!


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