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Geometry Based Winter Crafts

It's the most wonderful time of the year- and it's also the season when everyone seems to be doing LOTS of crafts and art projects. If your kiddo is wanting to break out the scissors and glue everyday during this season I have some good news! It's insanely easy to learn while being creative- I would even say that the two often go hand in hand.

When thinking about what winter crafts I would do with the kiddos in my life, I began to realize just how much geometry we see during the colder months. Snowflakes with perfect symmetry. Triangular Christmas trees. Boxes of every shape and size. Spherical snow globes and ornaments. Fitting holiday cookies onto the baking sheet. Even measuring ribbons to make bows. During the holidays kids are deeply immersed in geometry and measurement.

This inspired me to round up as many crafts that involve geometry as possible so that I could begin pointing the shapes, measurement, and symmetry out to my students. Scroll through to find the perfect holiday craft for your family:

Instead of using glass or plastic Christmas balls, make your own paper ones! This activity is great for young children's fine motor skills. For older children this craft opens up great conversations about the properties of circles and spheres.

This craft is so fun and so simple. Chances are you already have the supplies at home! For younger kids you can pre-cut the strips of paper and let them explore arranging them to create the Christmas tree shape. Challenge older kids to measure and cut their own strips to follow a measurement pattern (to make the tree as symmetrical and perfect as possible).

This craft is not only a great way to study symmetry, but it's also a great way to re-use and recycle! Arranging and re-arranging pieces of the tube to make the perfect snowflake will give your child great experiences with spatial reasoning.

This craft can also be done with household objects and craft supplies you have laying around. Challenge your child to get creative and see how many symmetrical snowflakes they can make!

This simple craft is great for young students who are learning to identify and name shapes. You can challenge your child to make a penguin using the same shapes or you can go rogue and create penguins that incorporate many shapes.

Not only is this craft great for discussing geometry but it also will look AMAZING on the tree. When making this craft you can discuss the properties of 3-D shapes such as edges, vertices and faces.

Have you made any holiday crafts that feature geometry concepts? Have you tried any of the crafts featured above? Send a picture to We would love to see your creation and with your permission feature it on our Facebook and Instagram!

Happy Crafting!

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