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5 Ways to Finish Strong This School year

I will never the anticipation I felt as a student approaching summer vacation. The count down to freedom felt so thrilling. I remember the exact feeling I got in my stomach when the final bell rang and I was free for the summer season. That feeling of exhilaration is uniquely confined to childhood. The feeling of having no more responsibility, just room for summer fun.

It can be very difficult to keep your child, and the whole family, on track as the anticipation of summer break builds Though it's difficult, it's important to make sure your child finishes the school year strong so that they gain as much learning as possible (and don't bomb their report card). Here are a few simple ways to keep everyone on track until that bell rings and they taste sweet freedom:

1. Stick with the routine.

It can be so tempting to slip into summer mode early and ditch the before and after school routines. Try to stick with your routines as much as possible to help your child stay productive and energized during the last month of school. Having a designated time that your child wakes up, does homework, and completes other important tasks will help them avoid burn out and melt downs as summer approaches.

Are your after and before school routines feeling a little boring after doing them all school year? Try adding a new element or switching a few things around to keep it fresh. Maybe a daily family dance party needs to be added!

2. Plan treats.

The last month of school doesn't have to be all business. Planning treats to celebrate being productive, getting through the week, or completing big assignments can be a fun way to keep everyone motivated. Plan to get shaved ice every Friday if all the homework gets turned in, or plan a special night out to celebrate your child completing their big wax museum project.

3. Make end of year goals.

Goal setting doesn't need to be reserved for the beginning of the school year or new years. Help your child set a school-related goal for the last month or two of school to help them stay motivated. Setting a goal and checking in with your child regularly can help them keep on track and see the value in learning and growing until the very end.

Some examples of an end of the year goal might be:

  • End the school year with a ___ grade in ____.

  • Be a role model in the classroom.

  • Complete all projects and assignments on time.

  • Learn _____ by the end of the year.

4. Keep in contact with the teacher.

Even though your child may be moving on from their classroom in just a few short weeks, maintaining communication with your child's teacher is important. Make sure to schedule a chat if you have any concerns about your child's academic performance or behavior during this period of time. Now is also a great time to reach out to see if the teacher has any suggestions for what you concepts your child needs to focus on during summer learning.

5. Keep a calendar.

The last month of school is typically packed with school projects and performances. Try keeping a calendar that's visible to the whole family that lists when practices, performances, and special events will take place. In a different color, outline when your child's projects are due and help them plan out when they will get certain portions of their big projects done. Making events and deadlines visible to the whole family can help keep everyone's sanity and prevent the last minute rush to do a book report or buy a black dress shirt.

How do you plan to stay on track during the last month of school? We would love to hear your tips in the comments!

Happy Learning!

Hoffman Tutoring Group

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