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The Big List of Learning Games

Some of my fondest memories are crowding around a little table in the middle of a pop-up camper playing board games with my cousins as rain hammered the campground we stayed in every year. We played to pass the time until we could go play outside, but during our time around that little table we bonded, laughed, and most importantly, learned...and maybe more important to our parents...stayed out of the mud.

Many may not associate board games with learning, but let me assure you that learning is involved in all board games. Some games teach children how to simply wait their turn or follow directions, while others teach children spelling, reading, strategy, or math concepts while providing important experience with probability. This makes board game play a 100% must do activity in my book.

If you want to use games to help your child learn while having fun as a family, check out this list of board games we love. Don’t see one on the list that you absolutely love playing? We’re always looking for more board games. Let us know!

Reading and Language

  • Great practice with spelling for older students and letter recognition and exploration for younger students.

  • Scrabble is also great practice in spelling. Having your child keep score sprinkles in some math practice as well.

  • This classic game provides practice in word recognition and spelling

  • Encourages recognition of basic words and helps students practice scanning.

  • Great practice in oral language and description for older students

  • This fun take on bingo helps students improve their reading skills.



  • A set of dominoes provides endless possibilities for math practice. Classic dominoes promotes addition and multiples of five, while more basic games like Mexican Train and Chickenfoot promote number recognition and subitizing for younger students.

  • This two player card game promotes addition skills as well as greater than and less than concepts.

  • These classic games provide great practice with money concepts. Make your child the banker to help them get practice with making change. Added bonus? Everyone gets to practice being a gracious winner or loser.

  • One of my all time favorites. This game provides great practice with addition as well as a little strategy.

  • This is a new game on our radar. 24 requires players to find a way to manipulate four numbers to make 24 using addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.

Any Card Game

  • Card games are great for number recognition, addition, greater than/less than concepts and so much more.

  • For younger students this game provides practice with number recognition and counting. An added bonus- the game requires players to pick up acorns with tongs which is great fine motor practice.

  • This classic game is great practice with a coordinate grid mixed in with some strategy.

  • Uno may seem simple, but it provides great number and color recognition for younger students.

What board game will you play tonight?

Happy Learning!

Hoffman Tutoring Group

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