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Best Holiday Gifts For Teachers

It’s the time of year to find that perfect holiday gift for teachers in your life.

Tis the season for gifting, and chances are you want to find an appropriate and thoughtful way to thank your child’s teacher for all the hard work they put in helping your child learn and grow. Educators deserve thanks and praise all year round, but the holidays are a great time to do something extra special for the man or woman that spends all day with your child teaching them how to spell, write, and interact with their peers. It can be HARD to find a gift that a teacher will enjoy that doesn’t break the bank. If you’re panicking about what to give, worry no more. We’ve polled teachers and come up with a list of the best holiday gifts for teachers in all price ranges. Check them out:

Best Holiday Gifts For Teachers

Things to avoid:

  • Baked goods

  • Though some teachers will adore a tin of homemade cookies, try to avoid home cooked goodies unless your teacher requests them. Allergies and intolerances can make it difficult for teachers to eat homemade treats with confidence.

  • Scents

  • Allergies and sensitive noses can make using scented items difficult for some. Unless your teacher has indicated they love a certain smell, try to avoid gifting them something super scented.

  • Trying to make a sale

  • If you sell something you think your child’s teacher would like, it’s totally acceptable to gift it to them during the holidays. When doing this, steer clear of including a business card or order form. This can make the teacher feel like you’re trying to make a sale instead of showing appreciation.

  • Coffee mugs

  • Chances are, your child’s teacher has an ABUNDANCE of coffee mugs. If you want to give them something to drink their coffee or tea out of, consider a personalized thermos or water bottle instead.

Great teacher gifts:

  • Caffeine

  • Most teachers appreciate a good cup of coffee or a nice soda mid-day. Figure out your teacher’s favorite way to take their buzz and make sure they’re well stocked with coffee beans, sodas, or a gift card to their favorite coffee shop.

  • Gift cards for shopping

  • Target, Amazon, and teacher supply store gift cards were mentioned as the most popular gifts teachers enjoy. These gifts offer teachers the flexibility to grab themselves a gift that they’ve really been eyeing...or to buy more supplies for their classroom.

  • Gift cards to restaurants

  • Getting to go out to dinner with family and friends is a great treat during the holidays. Figure out your teacher’s favorite restaurant and treat her to a meal.

  • Gift your time in the classroom

  • Teachers are stretched super thin and often have what seems like 1000 things on their to-do list. Volunteer your time as a holiday gift and offer to help in any way that is needed. Just an hour or two of your time can go a long way when it comes to helping your child’s teacher feel appreciated.

  • Bring lunch

  • A lunch break is usually short or non-existent for teachers (especially in elementary school) and most educators can’t leave campus for lunch. Ask your child’s teacher what their favorite lunch is and offer to bring it to them during their break.

  • Blank note cards or thank-you cards

  • Teachers write a LOT of notes- especially during the holidays. Not having to run out to buy more is a huge relief during this busy time.

  • An ornament or craft your child made

  • Your child’s teacher would love to have an ornament or craft to remember your child by. Make sure to include your child’s name and the date!

  • A heartfelt thank-you note

  • There’s no better way to say thank you than writing it in a note. Write exactly why you’re grateful for your child’s teacher, and ask your child to do the same. The educators we polled said these notes mean more than any gift.

  • Their favorite pre-packaged snacks

  • I dare you to find a teacher who doesn’t have a secret stash of snacks in their desk. Teachers often end up staying at school until late, or have to arrive before the sun- meaning they may eat a snack in place dinner or breakfast from time to time. Restock their snack drawer and they will forever be grateful.

  • Nail or massage gift certificates

  • Though these gifts are on the pricey side, they’re much appreciated opportunities for a tired teacher to pamper themselves.

  • Wine, beer, or a gift card to the liquor store

  • It’s the holidays after all! If your child’s teacher drinks, giving them a few bottles of cheer is a fun way to send them into the holiday break.

What will you be giving your child’s teacher this year? What gifts have you given that have been a hit? We’re always looking for the best holiday gifts for teachers! We would love to hear your ideas in the comments!

Happy Holidays!

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