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Family Friendly April Fools Pranks to Play on Your Kids

April Fools Day could be considered the trickiest time of the year. Whether you enjoy a good prank or not, chances are your kids are itching to get in on the fun. Tricks don’t have to be mean spirited or scary, April Fools is the perfect day to get silly and cut loose as a family. The best part? Family friendly April Fools jokes get your child thinking creatively! Check out these simple April Fools tricks you can plan on your kids. But watch your back- after you fool them, you may find yourself in a kid-formed trap later in the day.

Our favorite kid-friendly April Fools pranks:

Family Friendly April Fools Pranks

Fake bugs, snakes, and other creepy crawlies

  • Put plastic fake creepy crawlies in drinks, under blankets, or in backpacks for an innocent shock. Let your child re-hide the bugs to try to trick you.

The good old fashioned Whoopie Cushion

Frozen cereal

  • Pop bowls of cereal with milk in the freezer overnight. Give the frozen bowls to your kids in the morning and watch as they try to dig their spoon in.

Hide a fart machine under the couch and press the button when your child sits down

Fake juice

  • Set orange Jello in a glass with a straw in it and give your child the “orange juice”. Be sure to have a spoon on hand so they can eat their treat after the initial shock!

Food swaps

  • Put icing on sponges and pull it off as cake

  • Make an ice cream Sunday out of mashed potatoes

  • Wrap grapes like chocolate

  • The possibilities are endless!

TP their rooms

Tight shoes

  • Put tissue paper in the toe of your child’s shoe so they think they outgrew their shoes overnight!

Do you have a family friendly April Fools joke you plan to play on your kids this year? We would love more ideas in the comments below!

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