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Non-Traditional Ways to Show Teacher Appreciation

Tuesday, May 5th is Teacher Appreciation Day. I’m so glad that we have a day dedicated to showing teachers how much they mean to our society and expressing gratitude for the difficult job they do. As we approach the end of the school year, many parents and students want to find ways to appreciate and thank their teachers for the year of learning, fun, and growth they provided. If you’re looking for a way to express your gratitude without getting your child’s teacher yet another mug or tote bag, this is the blog for you.

Volunteer to help them

With teacher appreciation day at the end of the school year, it may seem like opportunities to volunteer at your child’s school are dwindling, but this may be the perfect time to offer up a few hours. The approach of summer break can often mean lots of extra work for teachers. From the class party, field day, taking down room decorations, and cleaning out student desks, the tasks can pile high (right at the time the teachers are beginning to feel the exhaustion from the year catch up with them).

Ask your child’s teacher how you can help ease the end of the year burden. Let them know you aren’t afraid of taking staples off of walls or helping students get their school supplies organized. Knowing you aren’t afraid of the dirty work might help the teacher ask for exactly what they need.

Letters of appreciation

Every time I ask teachers what makes them feel most loved and appreciated on teacher appreciation day - letters from students and parents always come out on top. Teaching can sometimes feel like a thankless job. Notes of appreciation can help educators keep going even during the toughest moments. Sit down with your child to write heartfelt notes to their teacher thanking them for what they’ve done this year and recalling your favorite memories.

Want extra credit? Attempt to arrange for a class “scrap book” that contains a picture and letter from each child. I can guarantee the teacher will love pulling the book off the shelf to remember the year she had with your child’s class.

Say kind things about them to others

Take your teacher appreciation a step further by letting the principal or school administration know what you enjoyed about your child being in a teacher’s class. Often parents and family members only speak with the administration when they’re unhappy about something at school. It’s a nice change of pace when they receive positive feedback. Plus, your kind words could help the teacher with a future promotion or award.

Bring them lunch

Often, teachers don’t get very much time to eat their lunch...meaning there’s no way they’re going to grab their favorite foods during that short sweet period of time they have to themselves during the school day. Ask your child’s teacher what their favorite meal is and arrange a day to bring it up to the school during their lunch break. I can guarantee you that this yummy treat will make them feel appreciated!

Bonus points: coordinate with other parents to bring your child’s grade or the whole school a nice warm lunch. It doesn’t have to be catered- a baked potato bar or potluck will be just as appreciated. Teachers love when they don’t have to worry about packing a lunch!

How do you like to show your child’s teacher love on Teacher Appreciation Day? We would love to hear in the comments!

Happy Learning!

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