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Shop Small For Teacher Appreciation Gifts

If you didn’t think of teachers as heroes before, the pandemic surely changed your mind. During the COVID crisis, teachers have been called on to do things that seemed impossible just a year prior. They worked long hours converting lessons to make them available online. They spent nights worrying about their students isolated in their homes. They thought of fun and creative ways to connect with kids through the screen. They transitioned kids back to classrooms and helped them adjust to being around peers and adults again. The work of teachers is always challenging, but the past year has been on a different level.

May 4th is teacher appreciation day. If you want to give your child’s teacher(s) something special and unique to show them just how much you appreciate their dedication and hard work, this is the blog post for you. During the pandemic, I’ve become even more passionate about supporting small businesses than I was before. I want to encourage you to shop small for your teacher appreciation gifts. It’s a great way to support hard-working individuals and get your child’s teacher a gift that is guaranteed to be unique. Scroll the list below to see ideas for the unique teachers in your life.

Remember to include a thank you note from your child with the gift! A heartfelt note of appreciation is always treasured.

Gifts for almost all teachers:

For teachers who love coffee or tea:

For teachers who like jewelry and accessories

For bookish teachers:

For summer fun:

Last minute gifts:

Ideas for buying in your local area:

  • Massage or Mani/Pedi certificate

  • Gift card to local coffee shop

  • Gift card to local restaurant

  • Gift certificate for cleaning service

  • Art from a local artist

What are your favorite items to buy for teacher appreciation gifts? We would love to hear about them in the comments!

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